We go the extra mile

With specialist knowledge we create proactive and flexible logistics solutions optimised for your market conditions

We go the extra mile

With specialist knowledge we create proactive and flexible logistics solutions optimised for your market conditions

We know Eastern Europe

We have locally deployed employees as well as our own terminals.

Own trailer fleet

Short transit time and always high supply security and precision.

Present in Southern Europe

Our Southern European network covers Turkey, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Transport of goods should never be experienced as a problem

The world is getting smaller and smaller. We cross borders like never before and ship goods criss-crossing Europe. At Sparta we specialize in transport to the Baltics, Ukraine and Russia. We operate with our own local offices and our own local freight forwarders. This ensures that we have full control over the entire transport, and with the possibility of reloading in Lithuania, we can further ensure a flexible and fast handling. Most recently, we have entered into agent agreements with Turkey and Portugal.

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Our services

The Baltics

The Baltics are close, and yet still far away. We have extensive experience in transporting all types of goods to/from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Both dry

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Many call Ukraine "the Wild East." But that is not true. You just have to know the rules of the game. We have the experience and

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Turkey can be a market with major challenges in terms transport. However, in this niche market for transport to/from Turkey, Sparta Logistics has great competences. Our

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Southern Europe

Spain and Portugal We can offer a strong setup on the Iberian peninsula. Our agents, Moldtrans in Spain and X-Trans in Portugal, are dedicated to their work

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Project / Oversized Cargo

If you have a project that requires delivery of goods from several different parts of Europe, then we can manage this too. We have accumulated a

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SPARTA Logistics offers a global courier set-up with fast and secure deliveries. At SPARTA Logistics we have a wide range of courier solutions –  both express

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Freight offer

Get a non-binding freight offer

If you need a price or a calculation for a current transport matter, you are welcome to request a non-binding shipping offer. We have several weekly departures to the Baltics and Ukraine.

Sustainability & ESG

As a forward-thinking logistics company, we stand at a crossroad where the path we choose today shapes the world we live in tomorrow. Recognizing the significant environmental footprint of our industry, we are committed to not just navigating the challenges of sustainability but embracing them as opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and leadership in environmental stewardship.

Unfortunately, no quick fixes exist to the sustainability challenges within logistics. It takes hard work, big investments, and an open mindset to new solutions. Luckily, we have united these in our strategy on sustainability: “We go the extra mile”. Here we set the direction for how we in Sparta Logistics will be part of the solution and push our business in a more sustainable direction in close collaboration and partnership with our stakeholders.

The reduction of climate emissions is our number one priority! It comes as no surprise that the emissions from our suppliers (scope 3 emissions) by far makes up the largest proportion of our CO2 emissions. We need to rethink how we transport and move goods around in close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. Likewise, we need to “walk the talk” on our own behalf. That is why we have reserved two new Electric Mercedes trucks, installed solar panels on the roof of our headquarter and continue to move our Euro norm 6 trucks to the Baltic to replace trucks with lower Euro norms and a lot more.

That said, we should not forget the S in ESG as social factors such as working conditions, safety, working time, adequate wages etc. also are important when working in the logistics sector and dealing with our suppliers. Here our code of conduct makes up the starting point for our ongoing engagement with our suppliers.

In 2023 we published our first sustainability report as we seek to provide a balanced and open communication of the environmental and social impact of our business and examples of tangible challenges, actions and solutions.

Click here to download our ESG and sustainability report 2023.

To guide our colleagues, partners, and suppliers in our work with responsibility we have outlined an ESG Policy and a Supplier Code of Conduct that adhere to the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and our focus areas within the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Click here to download our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Click here to download our ESG-policy.

About Sparta Logistics

We believe that experience and local insight are more important than the number of trailers.

Sparta Logistics is a small, Danish privately-owned transport and logistics company. We are independent and cooperate freely with other logistics companies, so that we can always ensure our customers the best and fastest solution. Our organisational structure is flat and flexible which ensures that contact is quickly translated into actions. This also means that we can respond very quickly to an enquiry and ensure that customers have their goods sent immediately – in fact, usually within 24 hours! Our starting point is Eastern Europe and we have senior executives who have personal responsibility for their own area and years of experience with logistics tasks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine. We know the culture and mentality of these countries and are able navigate seamlessly across borders. Together with our local freight forwarders, who all operate from our own offices in each country, we ensure a safe transport of both small and large orders.

"Many claim to be in complete control over their Ukrainian operations. Being able to live up to this claim is something completely different, though."
Claus Midtgaard Hammer
Partner, Head of Ukraine & Russia


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