About Us

About Us

We are a small privately owned transport and freight forwarding company that prides itself on being an impartial and independent player. This means that we can act as a partner for various logistics companies as well as for direct customers. We do not aspire to be part of a large organization, but are much better at being our own bosses. We do not wish or aspire to be a major global operator. We believe in the benefits of a small and flat organization that can quickly and easily make decisions, and then just as quickly change them.  

We all have experience of working in Eastern Europe and have experienced a bit of everything over the years. We have seen new emerging democracies, tremendous optimism and subsequent economic growth, and we have seen crises and conflicts between countries. Some of us have been involved since the 90s when markets were deregulated. We know the culture and mentality of the systems and the people. We are familiar with the various challenges and problems you encounter along the way. We deal with some very complex countries - here it is important to have knowledge and experience.


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Who are Sparta Logistics? Here is a short presentation of the people who represent the company.
Ole Andersen
Head of Transport Baltics
Ole has more than 20 years of experience working in transportation and logistics in Eastern Europe. Among other things, he has considerable knowledge of the Baltic states and was one of the first Danes to establish themselves in the Baltics. Ole has lived and worked in Riga for many years and has also spent time living in Moscow.

P  +45 6988 4470
E  ole@spartalog.com
Kasper Kjærgård
Head of Transport Russia
Kasper is a qualified freight forwarder in Russia. Over the years, he has gradually built up considerable experience in the large and challenging country. Kasper is meticulous and detail-oriented, important attributes when dealing with Russia.

P  +45 6988 4472
E  kasper@spartalog.com
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Claus Midtgaard Hammer
Head of Transport Ukraine & other CIS countries
Claus has more than 15 years of transport experience in Eastern Europe. In recent years, he has primarily focused on Ukraine and the Caucasus.

P  +45 6988 4471
E  claus@spartalog.com
Nikolaj Kock
General Manager
Nikolaj has more than 25 years experience working with transport, logistics and haulage in Sweden, North America, the Baltics and Denmark. He has on hands experience from living and working in all the named countries.

P  +45 6988 4474
E  nk@spartalog.com
Rasmus Holst-Rasmussen
Traffic Manager Baltics/Central Europe
Rasmus has more than 10 years of transport experience in Eastern Europe. He has primarily focused on the Baltic market, but recently also worked with Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Balkans, Greece and Turkey

P  +45 6988 4475
Malene Lemme Jakobsen
Forwarder Turkey and Portugal
Malene has 8 years of experience within the forwarding business. Her focus has primarily been with Finland, Baltics and Turkey. She has a reputation for being thorough and service minded.

P  +45 6988 4982
Flemming Baltzer
Head of sales / Head of transport Turkey and Portugal
Flemming has more than 25 years of experience within transport and logistics. For the past 20 years his main focus has been sales and developing new road traffics in Europe - Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Spain etc.

P  +45 6988 4983